Friday, August 19, 2022


And through the night, we search 

Our dreams tossing us to and fro, 

giving us glimpses of our fractured psyches

Soothing us at one moment, terrifying us in the next,

Dropping us into a swirling landscape, alone, searching...


Our demons may rise to meet us

as we fly through space and time.

They may stop us and whisper quietly,

reminding us of our many names and faces;

They may scream and blast us

with a tempest of rain and fire,

terrified we will continue on our way.

But the river that lies beyond,

illuminated by the moon that shines round and full.

The river that is guarded by Mother Owl 

 and bordered by the webs of Grandmother Spider,

spinning the tale of truth for us all...

This is where the answers lie

And this is where our demons dare not follow

lest they see themselves as they truly are -

the broken fragments of a once whole self.

This river is where we become whole.

But can we make it there?

Do we even want to?

~ Alice

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